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graphic paper gun model kit uzi

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graphic paper gun model kit uzi

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hersteller: gestalten
produkt: paper gun model kit
editor: Martin Postler, Ian Ferguson
format: 30 x 42 cm, 3 bögen
sprache: englisch
bezirk: friedrichshain-kreuzberg

Postlerferguson’s UZI is a paper construction kit of the micro machine gun named after the inventor Lieutenant Uziel Gal. Historically, the UZI is one of the oldest mini assault rifles and the most commercially successful weapon of the 20th century. Developed in the 1950s for the Israeli armed forces, the UZI became a symbol for the machine gun in pocket format – easy and cheap to produce and saleable worldwide. The compactness and functionality of the UZI is a prime example of how the design of a weapon has both political and commercial interests.

The weapon came to fame through a scene, taking place shortly after the attack on US President Ronald Reagan when a secret service agent pulled it out of his pocket as if in a magic trick, blazing fire on the assaulters. Since then, the UZI has been permanently exposed in countless action movies and TV series, becoming something of an icon of the entertainment industry. The image of a bodyguard or secret service agent fashioned in a black suit, sunglasses and earpiece is not complete if they can't swing an UZI if necessary – the machine gun appearing more like an accessory than a weapon.

The London-based multidisciplinary design studio Postlerferguson, composed of Martin Postler and Ian Ferguson investigates the history, the aesthetics and the lethal seductiveness of weapons. In their model kits series, they free the weapons from their terrible capacity to injure and kill by deconstructing it into paper construction sets.

Following the AK47 (2007), the death machine series has now been extended with four new paper weapons to the arsenal including the UZI, MP5, M4A8 and Mills Bomb paper grenade. Ultimately these weapons thankfully remain a piece of paper.

Not recommended for people under age 18. ?
Recommended for experienced crafters. ?
Construction time depends on handcrafting abilities. ?
Does not contain glue and cutter. ??
If you're gonna play with guns, use paper ones!
graphic paper gun model kit uzi

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