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freizeitglauben cd sound tamasha "spectaculicious house [only]"

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Product no.: 3100
freizeitglauben cd sound tamasha "spectaculicious house [only]"

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label: freizeitglauben
produkt: cd-compilation
stil: house
bezirk: friedrichshain-kreuzberg

01. 22ROCKETS - Umma w&c Stephan Matschke, produced by Marcus Rose for Freizeitglauben 2010
02. André Gardeja - Indigo Summer w&p André Gardeja for Freizeitglauben 2010
03. Hamza - Tribal Sensitivity w&p Hamza Rahimtula – by courtesy of Wind Horse Records 2010 / publ. by
Kahua Music & Eight Dimension Publ.
04. Sedat Altinok - Nightstar w&p Sedat Altinok for Freizeitglauben 2010
05. B.L.O.T. - Furchen w&p Gaurav Malaker for Freizeitglauben 2010
06. SiD - Gerda's Roadtrip w&p Sebastian Dauter and Ronald Christoph for Freizeitglauben 2010
07. Vipul Angirish - Fever Drop w&p Vipul Angirish for Freizeitglauben 2010
08. B.I.S.C.A.T.E. - Fun Farra w&p Andre Wakko, Tiago Oudmann and Ricardo Ferreira for Freizeitglauben 2010
09. Markus Schatz - Spacefood w&p Markus Schatz and Khayum Kimaz for Freizeitglauben 2010

Namaskar and welcome to Sound Tamasha !
In this first compilation created by Sound Tamasha, we present a small selection of the artists who
collaborated in our project during the last two years. So, what is "Sound Tamasha"? The term
"Tamasha" is the Hindustani word for ?show? or ?spectacle?. Depending on the region of India,
Tamasha can be a combination of music, dance, theatre, and other performances - but all with one
common factor: the audience is being integrated into the spectacle!
Unfortunately, over the years, traditional Tamasha has become a rarity in India. Under the guidance of
Culture Must, the idea to reinvigorate the concept in a modern manifestation has forged a diverse
group of international friends united by one mission: we want you to feel the excitement and the
spectacle of a Tamasha performance in its reincarnated form! Sound Tamasha initiates explorations in
sounds and beyond, crossing diverse styles of music and unique cultural traditions. Wherever we
travel, the variety, richness, and universality of music provides us a ready-made avenue through which
we can deepen our understanding and enjoyment of a culture. Since music is not bound by any
particular language, it makes a terrific way to connect with someone whom you otherwise might not
even have met.
So in 2008, we initiated our venture Sound Tamasha as an event series promoting the exchange of
determined artists from the music scenes of Asia and the Western world. Including musicians, DJs,
performers, and other creative minds, the driving spirit of is to connect across cultures through
different forms of musical expressions.
In India every single day is filled with wedding celebrations, religious festivals, and countless other
occasions to celebrate. We wanted to combine the Indian way of celebration with the music we love,
connect people of diverse backgrounds, share our emotions, and create an atmosphere open to
everyone. Sound Tamasha also provides a platform for artists to exchange their ideas, styles, and
influences, while motivating them to present their creative talents. Our approach aims to explore the
artistic possibilities that emerge when artists from different cultural origins are positively encouraged to
collaborate. What followed was a series of collaborations between musicians and other creative minds
from Germany, India, and elsewhere - a project that already resulted in more than 60 great events in
India as well as in Europe and that culminated in this compilation of exclusively produced spicy
electronic tunes.